MEG People

Each of the Trustees and Management Committee members are residents of Murieston who regularly use the outdoor recreational spaces. They all have a keen interest in the environment and biodiversity. There is a very good mix of skills and styles within the team and we all get on really well together. We are confident that our skills and attributes contribute to good stewardship of the charity and the careful and considerate appropriation of funds to meet our stated aims and objectives.

Arthur Marris - Chairman

Murieston Resident

Arthur has been a regular hand at MEG volunteer days and has joined the committee in 2015.  Arthur is also vice-chair of the community council and brings valuable liaison advice and knowledge of the area.





Ian Jeffray - Treasurer / Vice Chairman

Murieston Resident


Software developer by day, amateur photographer, videographer, games maker and extremely amateur gardener

Able to swing an axe or sledgehammer as required.  Ian finds working on MEG projects is more fulfilling, just as much exercise and cheaper than  going to the gym.




Pauline McCourt - MEG Secretary

 Murieston Resident


 Pauline bakes!   Pauline joined the committee in 2016.




Ainslie Muldoon- Youth Engagement Officer

Murieston Employee.

Ainslie works at the Bright Horizons nursery in the heart of Murieston and brings a passion for the outdoors to the young children of Murieston.




Ian Boyd-Livingston - Community Resilience Officer

Murieston resident.

Ian brings expert ecological experience to MEG





Kim Vance - Overseas advice

Ex-Murieston resident & MEG founder.

Kim has attended every MEG event and has been a really hard working Chairperson for the Charity.  Kim left Murieston and relocated to sunny Spain in 2015, but remains as essential adviser to the group.  Enormous thanks are due to Kim for all the work done in developing the group since its formation in 2011.




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