About MEG

We are an environmental group made up of residents from Murieston. We are working in partnership with West Lothian Council to help restore Campbridge pond and woodland situated opposite Skivo Wynd on Murieston Road, to improve Murieston Trail and all greenspaces in Murieston.

We welcome all visitors to the pond and encourage enjoyment of the natural environment. Our aim is to develop the site as an important centre for ecological and environmental education with local schools and children's groups and to continue with conservation and restoration that is sympathetic to indigenous species of wildlife and plants.

To enable us to achieve our objectives we apply for grants and seek donations to purchase equipment, seeds, services and other resources.

Through participation and education we plan nurture respect of the area and of the rights of others to enjoy a natural and litter/vandal free amenity.

We are local residents who have enjoyed the pond and parklands ourselves. We do not discriminate and encourage any member of our communities to join our group or to help in any way that you can.

The group was formed in October 2011 to investigate ways to improve the amenity of the Campbridge Pond and Park in Murieston (part of the Murieston Trail).

A committee was formed and MEG was registered as a Scottish Charity.
Currently, all members of the committee are Murieston Residents who volunteer their time and energy for the benefit of the local communities and other users of the open spaces in Murieston. We are actively seeking new members who have an interest in our aims and objectives and who can contribute by attending meetings and helping out at volunteer days.

Graeme Hedger represents West Lothian Council at our meetings. He supports us in practical ways and offers advice and assistance.

Our constitution : CONSTITUTION.v2.docx

 Email: MuriestonEnvironmentalGroup@live.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/muriestonenvironmentalgroup 
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